Empower Blog 2021

Shizz-am! WELCOME to Empower Blog 2021. Circa 2020 was the year we all woke up, essentially. In one way or another each of us got hip to whatever it was we were blatantly ignoring or politely avoiding. 20/20 means: perfect vision & that was exactly what the collective exemplified. Now, we can begin to SEE clearly the perfect plan for our species as a whole. Astrology had Planet Earth’s number, for quite some time now.

We are in a modern day spiritual renaissance.

On 12.21.20 the Age of Aquarius officially dawned, AKA: The Golden Age of man. Globally, we are waking up to the real meaning of life. Thus, circa 2021 on, we will see ourselves beginning to fulfill our Divine purposes. Individually & as a collective, we will be proactively aspiring to BE our best versions. We will be deliberately shedding the skin of all the old outdated limiting beliefs, patterns & programs that got us all caught up in the rat wheel to begin with. The EGO has indeed come to a crossroads. Adios fair-weather friend…

There is only one way to go… from rock bottom, & that is UP.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneurial Spirit will indeed prove to be in full swing for us, as we move forward as a human nation. So your purpose, is to find your purpose, explore what that means for you, & embark on your own personal Aquarian Age. Figure out your joy & be it! Declare it! Own it! Feel it! Name it! Claim it! Channel it! Discover yourself. Know thyself.

It’s TIME!

That said, this platform is for all things success, purpose-driven, prosperity conscious, motivational, New Earth Business, & conscious collaboration. Inspired action, highly effective habits, work/play balance, exercise, green eating, mindfulness, meditation, affirmation & prayer, willingness to ALLOW, unfold, listen & be receptive will indeed…

Activate your innate Divine power & purpose.

Abundance, wealth, health, limitless options & endless right opportunities for growth & advancement exist right here, right now. Your financial freedom, happiness, peace of mind & fulfillment are right here, right now & this blog highlights all of it.

YOU CAN do it!

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